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The Company

Duoflex is a Brazilian company specialized in manufacturing high-tech sleeping pillows since 1990. The company leads the South American market developing exclusive and pioneer technologies and special foams , creating innovative products that aid people to have a better sleep.

With two industrial units, located in the heart of the biggest economic and logistic hub in the country, São Paulo, the company provides a wide range of different models to the market, meeting the most diverse sleep expectations and needs. All products are safe and extremely comfortable, tailored for exceptional durability, controlled elasticity, and different molecule structures, also enabling different touches and firmness.

Duoflex is a synonym for innovative projects,
wellbeing, health and superb sleep experiences

History characterized by
innovation and pioneering spirit

Duoflex was the first company to introduce the anatomic Contour Pillow to the national market, thus changing the notion of pillows on Brazil. Up to then, pillows were regarded as low value and low importance accessories considering sleeping quality and were manufactured from foam leftovers of the furniture industry.


The company has developed and patented the modern and advanced COIL system for pillows, the "Springcase", on which every coil is lodged in individual capsules, disposed on a beehive configuration. This provides better support, comfort and softness, all with complete protection and lack of noise.


Furthermore, Duoflex was the first Latin-American company to manufacture the NATURAL LATEX pillow, synthesized from rubber tree sap. This product family has exceptional quality, durability, and comfort, and - since it adapts perfectly to everyone – it prevails as the pillow with the greatest acceptance worldwide.


Understanding the significance of a good pillow for one's sleeping health, Duoflex pioneered in once again Brazil by producing the NASA viscoelastic foam. Manufactured with high quality and high comfort foam, these pillows return to its original form even after great compression during transportation


With surprising innovation, Duoflex has introduced the versatile pillows of ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT onto the market. It has individual internal foam layers that can be removed or added at any given moment, enabling the adjustment of its height and softness to the user's exact preference.


Duoflex has launched in Brazil the original and cooling GELFLEX pillow, achieving great success.


Recently, Duoflex developed a line of "Special" pillows with exclusive characteristics to meet some specific needs. A great example is the Beauty Face Pillow, which prevents and smoothes the formation of wrinkles during sleep periods.

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