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Throughout the night, people usually alternate between sleeping positions. This happens spontaneously and is a healthy occurrence, as it reliefs pressure on the body. However, according to sleep specialists, the ideal position is to sleep on your side, followed by back sleeping (belly up), or varying between those two positions. Despite knowing the position of sleeping belly down is not beneficial to the spine, some people end up sleeping in that position regardless.

Sleeping in an unsuitable way, more than interfering with daily activities' efficiency, can also worsen processes such as contractures, osteoporosis, and bad blood circulation. Therefore, it is vital to be alert when buying a pillow. It is necessary to consider your sleeping position, as well as the height and support of the pillow, to ensure the preservation of the vertebral spine's physiologic anatomy. 

Each person has their own biotype, thus, the best way to choose a pillow is by testing the models available on the market. It is advised to lay down with the pillow on a bed, in order to find the model which height is the most appropriate for your biotype and sleeping manner (on your side, on your back or on your belly). It is also important to know the pillow's supports, identifying them as soft, medium or firm.

Concerning the choice of material, it will depend greatly on personal preferences. In case of allergies, it is indicated to verify if the pillow actually has protections against mites, fungi, and bacteria, and if the materials used will not cause allergies. If the person sweats a lot throughout the night, it is advised to verify the thermic comfort of the product.

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