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BB1002 - cód. 789680621031-5

Taking into consideration  all our concern for the consumers’ health from the first months of their life, Duoflex re-launches its Children’s line.
Soft and extremely comfortable, the children's pillows are made of memory foam with full anti-mite protection, which aligns and perfectly accommodates the baby's / toddler's head while protecting their health during sleep hours.

 Non Suffocating Nasa - Suitable for babies up to 1 year old 

According to experts, during  a baby’s first months of life there isn´t need to put a pillow on the crib, it being considered more appropriate for the baby to sleep belly up on a flat and soft surface, which would accommodate their column well. However, from the age of six months the baby can start to use a small, soft pillow just to support the head and avoid deformation. One of such pillows is the Anti Suffocating Nasa, which also has holes that allow the passage of air, avoiding risk of suffocation.

Baby Nasa - Suitable for babies over 1 year of age

Babies that are over 1 year old begin to present shoulders broader than the head, which ends up forcing the neck, especially when sleeping on their side. Therefore, when the parent notices that the baby's neck tilts down while laying down, it's time to use a pillow that fills the space between their little head and the mattress. This way, the spine will remain aligned and the airways kept free.

Kids Nasa - Suitable for children in transition from crib to bed

At this time it is advised to use a soft pillow, similar of that of an adult, but a little less high, as is the case of the Kids Nasa Duoflex.
The child should be oriented to sleep preferably on their side, and the pillow should completely fill the space between their head and the mattress, thus aligning their spine.

Children's Line
Children's Line products
    Viscoelastic foam, 100% cotton, soft and extremely comfortable. Suitable for children in transition from crib to bed
    Viscoelastic foam with holes, 100% cotton waterproof cover, soft and comfortable, reduces risk of suffocation. Suitable for babies up to 1 year old
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