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GN1101 - cód. 789680620881-7

GELflex NASA was specially designed for people who enjoy NASA soft touch and appreciate always having a fresh pillow. It combines the smoothness and comfort of a premium memory foam with the freshness of a special GEL layer, offering a unique structure that promotes circulation of the air and low thermal conductivity, offering a pleasant sensation of freshness. It naturally disperses your body heat, helping to lower your skin temperature and keeping you comfortable for long periods.

The exclusive and anatomic Gel layer design protects the back of the neck, keeping the freshness only where it should - in the head, allowing a comfortable sleep overnight. It also creates a sleeping experience that is unsurpassed by gradually adjusting to your shape, evenly distributing weight over the entire contact surface and generating a substantial reduction in pressure peaks.

Gelflex NASA pillows have a smooth consistency and a unique thermal comfort, providing a restoring and relaxing night sleep.

GELflex Nasa
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