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LS1104 - cód. 789680621052-0

Our Natural Latex pillows feature a combination of the smoothest velvety touch with a great support, allowing a comfortable and restful sleep. Produced from the sap of rubber trees, native from the Brazilian Amazon forest, the pillows are good for both the sleep and for the world.

Duoflex Natural Latex is widely accepted throughout the world, as it is capable of adapting perfectly to most people. Its structure is durable and undeformable, allowing for greater durability and comfort, supporting the head in any position and ensuring a comfortable and restful sleep all night.

Made of millions of open cells, the Natural Latex pillow is molded with hundreds of holes that form internal channels which enhance air circulation and ventilation, ensuring rapid evaporation of moisture and perspiration, maintaining body temperature at comfortable levels.

The latex foam, besides naturally preventing dust mites, fungus and bacteria, is also machine washable. Furthermore, each pillow is sterilized during production, ensuring total hygiene.

Valuing environmental responsibility, raw materials are fairly traded and the unique manufacturing process employed utilizes a special technology that saves up to 65% energy when compared to regular processes.

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