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More than providing a good night's sleep, a pillow that has the right height and appropriate backing to one's biotype and sleeping position is responsible for the body's health, since it provides support for the head, thus aligning the cervical spine with the upper body, relaxing the muscles, improving blood flow, and facilitating electric stimuli sent from the brain to the rest of the organs.

We spend about one-third of our lives sleeping. A high-quality night of sleep is essential for us to feel well and in good spirits on the next day, to keep us healthy and even to ensure longevity.

Sleeping isn't just a need for rest. It undertakes a crucial role for the body and mind's health maintenance. It is important for the brain's usual development, as is for memory and learning processes. Furthermore, it is during sleep that the body enables cellular regeneration and the production of some hormones – essential for the functioning of our organism.

Those who sleep less than necessary have decreased physical stamina and premature aging, as well as being more likely, in the long term, to contract diseases such as diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular and gastrointestinal illnesses, and chronic loss of memory.

People who sleep on the wrong pillow end up compromising their sleeping quality and, therefore, on the next day they could show signs of tiredness, agitation and mood swings, among others.

Constantly focused on its consumers' quality of life, Duoflex has always given preference to using materials that promoted health, great comfort, and high durability. The special foams used are unrivaled due to having flexibility, softness, freshness, and durability, all joined in one single product, all of which distinguish them from other materials.

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